What about now? (Kiev 2017)

I've had the chance to visit Kiev long before, and then after, the disorders happened beginning 2014 when some Ukranians took the streets and occupied Maydan Nezalezhnosti, one of the main city's squares. The so called Euromaidan protests began when president Viktor Yanukovych chose to tie closer to Russian Federation moving away from a work-in-progress agreement Ukraine had with European Union. Violence escalated between government and anti-government forces, the city centre became a land for guerrilla, snipers were used and many casualties occurred.

In February 2014 President Yanukovych singed a deal with opposition's leaders to restore powers to Parliament and called for early elections, but members of the Parliament set and election to replace him. Petro Poroshenko, leader of a pro-European Union movement, was chosen to became President.

In Kiev life goes on normally, even if in the eastern Ukraine, especially in Donbass region, fights are still on, but the country is not stable. Hrivna, the local value, has lost most of his power and salaries are quite low, everything seems suspended, waiting for something and asking: what about now?